Koratala Siva planned a test shoot for Acharya

Successful director Koratala Siva is currently working with Mega Star Chiranjeevi and we all know that. Chiranjeevi and Koratala Siva combination is quite exciting. The movie’s shooting is going at a brisk pace until the lockdown struck down hard. The movie’s shooting had to be halted. Only 35 percent of the shoot was possible before the lockdown.

Koratala Siva has made plans to resume the shooting after Dussehra. But that is not the case now. Chiranjeevi has changed his mind for two reasons. The rains in Hyderabad are quite disturbing and have caused a lot of damage. COVID cases though have seen a dip, still, cases are being registered.

It is said that Koratala Siva has come up with a plan for a test shoot in a studio. He will test the conditions and how he can take things forward. If things turn extremely positive, then Chiranjeevi will join the sets.