Konda Movie Review and Rating!

Director Ram Gopal Varma is back with a film titled, Konda. This biographical drama on noted Telangana politician Konda Murali and his family had hit the screens on June 23rd. Let’s check how it goes.

Story: The film revolves around the life story of Warangal-based politician Konda Murali and his family. What is the background of Konda Murali( Thrigun A)? How will his aggressive nature, make Konda a revolutionary leader in the region? His relationship with his wife Surekha ( Irra Mor)? How will the couple raise their voice against the prevailing system in the 90s and early 2000s? To know that, you have to watch the film in the nearest theatres.

Performances: Young actor Thrigun A did his titular role in a convincing manner. His acting, dialogue delivery and mannerisms elevates the mood of the film nicely. Especially, his intense performance in crucial sequence in the second half brings depth to the proceedings and adds realistic texture to the film. On the other hand, heroine Irra Mor impresses with her performance throughout the film. Compared to earlier films, Irra Mor improved a lot in terms of acting.

Noted artists such as ‘Thirty Years’ Prudhvi, LB Sriram, Tulasi among others are apt in their respective roles. Prudhvi’s negative shaded role adds good weightage to the film. Other artists who did supporting roles are okay with their acting.

Technicalities: The music by DSR Balaji is okay as his songs are passable on screen. On the other hand, the background score is good and elevates a few key episodes nicely.

The editing by Manish Takur is okay as he made sure that the film has a crisp runtime. Coming to the photography work, Malhar Bhatt Joshi work is visible on screen. He captured the mood of the film with lens and lighting.

The production design work is okay and so is the case with the production values by Konda Sushmita Patel’s production house.

Analysis: Ram Gopal Varma who has a separate base fan among the audience is the director of this biographical drama. His idea of making a film on Konda Murali and his wife Surekha is good but the narrative is not up to the mark. Though RGV tried to narrate the film with a realistic texture, his old-age execution and outdated screenplay come as major demerits to the movie.

Adding to it, the way RGV addressed Konda Murali’s family-related issues are not showcased with proper detailing. Moreover, the film’s narrative remains us of RGV’s previous works and diluted interest.

To summerize, Konda is a biopic of Warangal-based politician Konda Murali and his wife Surekha. Though Thrigun A and Irra Mor gave a good performance, the routine template execution from RGV diverts the audience’s mood.

Verdict: Outdated work from RGV!

Rating: 1.5/5