Konchem Kaaram Konchem Teepi, a joint venture from Tamada Media and Motion Content Group is streaming now

Leading social media content creating platform Tamada Media has been coming up with unique shows and getting good appreciation from the netizens. In the process, the digital platform collaborated with Motion Content Group which is into investment, distribution business and production activities for a long time to co-produce a Telugu series titled, Konchem Kaaram Konchem Teepi.

Starring noted serial artist Manjula Paritala and Hrithi in the lead roles, KKKT is a story of two women who through the course of their bitter-sweet lives, tread on a journey of self-discovery while being the support pillars for each other. Reportedly, the makers have tilted towards Gemini as the Television partner for Konchem Kaaram Konchem Teepi. This daily series is being telecasted on Gemini channel and Tamada Media Private Limited’s platform ‘The Mix by Wirally’ on YouTube from Monday to Saturday at 10 PM.

Opening up about the association with Motion Content Group, Tamada Media said “We are delighted to partner with Motion Content Group to produce Konchem Kaaram Konchem Teepi. We believe innovation and exploring new ways of connecting with our audiences is paramount”. On the other hand, the management of Motion Content Group also expressed confidence that Konchem Kaaram Konchem Teepi serial will be a good beginning in their journey with Tamada Media.

Episode 01

Episode 02