Khaidi is a film that was being talked about so much as the film came out with another biggie Whistle. The film is out now and read on to see how it turns out to be.

Story: A group of police officers decides to have a party for their fellow officers. They party hard but get unconscious as they have been drugged by the dug mafia guys to kill them. In that gang, one such officer decides to help his mates. So, he stops Dilli, a guy who is on parole and asks him to help them to take all the cops to the shelter. So, how will a dreaded Dilli save the cops and meet his daughter who has been put on a condition for this task?

Performances: Karthi mesmerizes with his brilliant act. His acting is matured and realistic. He gives his nest in the scene when he narrates about why he went to prison. Narain as the police officer is good. The actors who have played the role of Karthi’s daughter and the lorry owner also deserve appreciation.




No commercial angle

Slow Pace in certain areas

Analysis: The film is completely different from the regular dramas we have seen. The story setup and the narration are truly in the tradition of action dramas that takes place in one night. The story begins hours before midnight and ends in the wee hours. There are no visual flashbacks, no romantic thread, no item songs.

It is a non-stop action drama but the film also makes us teary-eyed on many occasions especially the climax. There is a constant mix of sentiments and action sequences. The film has issues in many areas as the pace gets down in certain places. So, all those who like the serious film will just love this film. If you are done with all the routine commercial films and want some gripping action, Khaidi is your pick this weekend and it will not disappoint you at all.

Rating: 3.5/5

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