KGF and RRR: Two massive films at risk

While many films haven’t been able to get a theatrical release due to the second wave of coronavirus, they have been put on hold by filmmakers, who are searching for the best release date.

On the other hand, there are a few films, that need crowds at the theatres, to get back what they’ve put in, to make the film. These films include Rajamouli’s RRR and KGF: Chapter 2. Both of these films have been made on a huge budget, and have huge expectations on them. Not having enough crowds at the theatres, and even just 50% occupancy at theatres will cost greatly for the producers of these films.

The makers of RRR are said to be confident about the release date of October 13th, believing that the government will allow 100% theatre occupancy by then. However, the makers of KGF do not seem that confident, as is evidenced by their recent update. Both these films need the whole of India on the same page, to really work and get good revenue. Given the current, unpredictable situations, it is now to be seen what sort of solutions the makers of these films will come up with, to avoid a catastrophe.

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