Karthikeya 2 setting the perfect example

Actor Nikhil’s Karthikeya 2 most certainly blew everyone’s minds with its concept and taking, and shocked everyone thoroughly when it turned out to be a massive hit across the nation, despite no promotion outside of Telugu states.

The film has turned out to be the biggest in Nikhil’s career so far, and is set to be the most profitable film in Tollywood this year, as the film has been minting money at the box office, against its very modest budget. The film is setting the perfect example of how business needs to be done to avoid catastrophes. Selling films at inflated prices has become a fashion for filmmakers of late.

Contrarily to this popular trend, the makers of Karthikeya 2 sold the film at reasonable prices, making the film hugely profitable. Karthikeya 2 is written and directed by Chandoo Mondeti, with Anupama Parameswaran as the leading lady of the film. Kaala Bhairava composed the songs and background music for the film, which has been receiving rave reviews from everyone.

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