Karthi is super confident about Khaidi’s outcome

Karthi is struggling to score a hit from the past two years as he has only given flops in a big way. He is ready with his new film Khaidi.

Karthi says ‘You all received Khaki very well and the film has become the address for me to experiment further. Another such ‘Raw’ film is ‘Khaidi’ after Khakee. Kanakaraj Garu made a Super hit film before this. When he narrated this story, He said that “this is a new idea and you will like it ” Upon hearing it seemed like a big Hollywood action film. Many complained that there is no heroine, no songs, no comedy track in the film. But, I said that these factors are going to give big publicity. The way the movie is presented is very good especially the live-action thrilling part on the lorry. The film is made by the director with Young Team. I met Adivi Shesh after a long time. We both have an identical Journey. We both like movies like these. This is not just an action movie, the film has a beautiful emotion, a ‘Khaidi’ who ends up in person for ten years. He has a daughter who has never seen before. The story happens in four hours in one night. Can he see his daughter in these four hours? Or not? is narrated very intriguingly in the movie. This is a mass stylish action film. I am very fortunate to have such a big title. All hero’s fan support is essential to a movie like this. We’re waiting for your feedback. Thanks to everyone who came here”

The film is directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and is about a man who is dying to see his daughter after a long gap and he has only limited time.