Karnan: A risky remake for Telugu audiences

Tamil actor Dhanush’s latest film Karnan, directed by Mari Selvaraj, released to great critical acclaim directed towards the writing, direction and the performances of the cast members, especially Dhanush’s performance. The film deals with a very sensitive subject such as caste violence, which is loosely based upon real-life incidents that took place in Tamil Nadu.

Producer Suresh Daggubati watched the film in a special screening, way before the film was released theatrically. He is said to have wanted Venkatesh to do the remake in Telugu. Venkatesh recently wrapped up two remakes – Naarappa (Asuran) and Drushyam 2 (Drishyam 2). However, Venkatesh is said to have declined to do the remake, as he felt that the subject matter of Karnan may not appeal to Telugu audiences.

Bellamkonda Srinivas is now all set to star in the remake of Karnan, which attracted a lot of backlash from Telugu audiences, who felt that Srinivas would not be able to live up to Dhanush’s performance. Given that Venkatesh himself rejected the film, indirectly implying that remaking the film in Telugu would be a risk, Karnan seems like a very costly risk that Bellamkonda Suresh is about to invest in. Here’s hoping that things work out well and that the film turns out as a success in Telugu as well.

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