Kangana asks Krish to make his own film

Kangana Ranaut vs Krish has become a major issue due to the actress involvement in the production and then she directed the re-shoots too. She even took the first credit and hence, Krish has been allegeding her for ruining his film. When a media person asked for her reply to all them.

She replied, “Today after 3 National Awards and ten years of work, if I have the power and position to decide whose role should be shorter, how to project a story and what should be the voice of a film, that is all because of my hardwork and passion.

My father hasn’t given me all of it on a platter. Even I had my roles chopped off and changed. Even I did 5 mins roles. Even I had my reservations about how a story needs to be told in ten years of my career. Still I am what I am today and I did what I did. If I am that powerful to be able to do so, then I have earned it.”

She further said that she is the director of the film and did what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do. It is the right that she earned by working over 10 years and Winning public appreciation and National Awards and she had to go through all this too. So, there is no use of crying in media, she pointed out.

She also made it a point that the film Manikarnika has been made and no one can alter it now. So, there is no use in attacking her and rather they all should form a team and make their film!