Kanchana-3 Movie Review

Raghava Lawrence is back with his next film in horror comedy franchise, Muni series, Kanchana-3. The movie trailers showcase that this film is even more louder than the previous films. How is it? Let’s discuss…

Plot:: Raghava (Lawrence) is still a man-child and he has three beautiful cousins (Oviya, Vedhika, Nikki Tamboli), who are ready to pounce on him and all are in love with him. They have no problem in sharing him too.

Like always, a person kills someone ruthlessly and this person becomes the ghost. Here, there is a ghost within a ghost. Kali (Lawrence) is a good guy who runs his mother’s Radhamma Ashram with just a good heart and not money. He and his lover get killed. They need vengeance, could they attain? Find out in the theatres …

Performances:: Raghava Lawrence is a good guy. He hearts bleed for downtrodden, outcast and poor people. But the way, he portrays emotions and acts, one feels like he lives in his own world and even acts as he belongs to just that world.

Oviya is just there to be an eye-candy. Vedhika too is just there to make weird faces and climb on Lawrence. Nikki Tamboli is just there to fill the screen. Kovali Sarala, Sriram, and others scream as loud as they can.

Technicalities:: Ruben as an editor might have had to see this film 50 or more times to feel that this cut works. Sadly, this cut doesn’t really feel like it has any weight to it.

Vetri, Sarvesh Murari do their best to make the camera work feel rich. But there is nothing to talk about really as they are no shots that deserve mentioning.

Doopaadoo’s music is really an ear sore piece. Each song gets louder and louder. SS Thaman’s BGM tries to compliment the film by being even more louder and silly.

Raghava Lawrence as a writer and director doesn’t really care about sensibilities. He could make something work once and in the name of mass, he is trying hard to make it work again and again, by degrading it further. How times can Raghava be a man-child and for how many more times can Kovai Sarala be the loud mother? There is nothing wrong in following a template but in the name of doing something big, creating such cheap comedy, definitely hurts.

If he can hire a sensible writer and see that his films have actors with characters than just bring caricatures, maybe the series might have an even longer life. But by lowering the bar every time, he isn’t helping himself.

Analysis:: The movie is a loud atrocious comedy like all the other three. The only difference is that this movie overstays its welcome. Oversells the comedy. Overtries to be massy and makes every actor to hyper-act. They might have just ended up over-acting in other films, here they hyper-act. Not one person feels that they doing more than required and they continue doing it anyway. You may laugh for one odd joke but you will definitely feel a need to visit a doctor after the second half.

Rating: 0.5/5