Kanabadutaledu Teaser Talk

Thrillers and suspense dramas never go out of style, as they are those kinds of genres that will always continue to entertain the audiences. Spark OTT is now coming up with a suspense drama titled Kabatudaletdu, written and directed by M Bala Raju.

The teaser of Kanabadutaledu was released today, and just like the titles, the teaser looks highly interesting. Kanabadutaledu has Sunil playing an important role in the film, as a detective, while Sukranth Veeralla and Vaishali Raj are the leads of the film. Sunil looks highly promising and immersed into his character, giving off a lot of vibes. Kanabadutaledu is about a series of murders in the city, that are done by a single man, and the search for that man. The entire setting of the film has an eerie atmosphere going for it, increasing the tension and the stakes.

The teaser of Kanabadutaledu is a highly promising one, piquing the audiences’ especially at the part where the teaser stresses that every person has two faces and that you can’t analyze them. The release date of Kanabadutaledu hasn’t been revealed yet, with the supposed killer of the movie leaving us with a ‘see you soon’ message at the end. On the whole, Kanabadutaledu looks highly promising and interesting.