Kamal responds to language debate, says diversity is India’s strength

Kamal Haasan made a name for himself across India, with his various acting roles, way before anyone made it mainstream. The actor is currently promoting his upcoming film Vikram, directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj.

During his promotions, the actor was asked to comment on the ongoing debate between films belonging to various languages, especially about whether or not Bollywood can still make an impact. Given that Kamal once called Hindi cinema “still a little child in diapers”, everyone was interested to know his opinion on the ongoing debate.

Kamal said that it doesn’t matter what language a movie is and that all movies should be cherished nevertheless. He said that India’s strength lies in its diversity, where people speak a variety of languages but are united by English. He said that such a big deal shouldn’t be made about the superiority of movies relating to just one language and that all movies should be treated equally.

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