Kalki, a Rajasekhar starrer and Prashanth Varma directorial hit the screens on Friday, and as guessed, the film lives up to the expectations of the audience. Here’s our take on the film.

Plot: This film is a murder thriller that has a lot of twists and turns. It’s all about solving the murder mystery of Shekhar Babu, a resident of village Kollapur, where it reveals many untold stories and hidden mysteries. Kalki is the police officer who comes to the village to solve the case. Now how does he get caught of the person who killed Shekhar’s murderer is something that you have to watch on screen.

Performances: Angry Young Man Rajasekhar has performed really well and once again, he proves that second innings can be lucky to man of them. Adah Sharma is seen on Telugu screen after a long time and she has done her role well. Besides looking glamorous, one can say that she has acted well too. She fits well in the role of a doctor. Rahul Ramakrishna plays a journalist and he is one of the roles and energy which drives the story. He also does all the much-needed comedy to the film. Nandita Shweta, Shatru, Charandeep, Nassar and others have performed well.

Analysis: The camera work and BGM is just amazing. Prashant Varma has directed the film well and lived upto the mark. This film is going to bring good deeds to all the actors to who are part of this film. The story has been told and executed really well and screenplay has be done good. Over all, the film is definitely worth a watch this weekend.