Kajal Aggarwal’s humanitarian gesture during the pandemic

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to adversely affect the people of the country. Many are suffering from the lack of food, shelter, work, etc., due to the severe crisis and lockdowns, which have shut down most of the things in the country. The situation of migrant workers is also no less gruesome – they are staying in other states, without proper facilities or means, and are suffering terribly.

Frontline workers are suffering a lot, trying to keep the virus at bay – they include doctors, nurses, sanitary staff, policemen, etc. – all of whom are working day and night to save the country from the ongoing crisis, and to protect the people of the country. As their services are required continuously, frontline workers are also suffering from the lack of proper food, amenities and other important necessities.

Tollywood actress Kaajal Aggarwal has now come forward and is supporting the Million Dollar Vegan program, which helps supply plant-based meals for migrant workers, homeless people and frontline workers. Over 1,00,000 plant-based meals will be provided to the most affected communities of India through this initiative. Kajal has also requested others to join the program and help thousands of helpless people.

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