Kajal Aggarwal urges Government to help daily wage workers

Kajal Aggarwal has also been isolating herself at her home for the past couple of days. The actress has been voicing out her opinion on how people should be safe and how social distancing can help us contain the spread of the virus. Recently, she got emotional and shared a post on her Instagram story. She said that during the time of a lockdown, it is the daily wagers who get affected the most. She also stressed on that the government should take measures to help them sustain their life without out a stable payment.

She posted, “A cab driver cried in front of me saying I was his first customer in the last 48 hours. He said his wife is expecting groceries today at least. This virus is gonna hit us from so many ways but the people who depend on daily income are gonna get hit the most. I gave the guy an extra 500. Obviously, it’s not a big deal for most of us which mean we should do it more. He showed me that he has been driving around for 70 kilometres since his last customer. Please pay your cab drivers, street vendors, etc a little more. You might just be their last customer for the day. #Shared! (sic).”

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