Kabali is the story of a Don who returns from Prison after 25 years of imprisonment. How he takes on his rivals forms the story.

Technical Department :

Director PA Ranjith chose a different story and narration path to showcase Rajinikanth in a different manner. But what went wrong was the unnecessary hype created around the movie by projecting the unimportant part in the movie as the key. The BGM you hear in the teaser is the only thumping music in the whole movie and fans and audience who are expecting a thorough Rajini feast will definitely be disappointed. The songs are good but not upto the mark for a Rajini Movie. Sound design is very good and so as the cinematography.

Positives :

Superstar’s screen presence and emotional performance
RadhikeApte episode and her acting

Negatives :

Lack of typical Rajini movie elements
Slow narration
Low quality dubbing
BGM could have been better

Analysis : Kabali is the right movie for Superstar Rajini with the wrong hype and over expectations created by the makers just to get the openings. No one can digest the slowness of the movie as audience come expecting trademark punches and antiques of the Superstar. On the flip side this is very beautifully told love story of a Don and his wife. The emotions and the maturity of a Don who has seen everything in life is shown beautifully and Superstar excelled in the role and that makes it a one time watch if expectations are kept in check

Rating – 2/5