We all have a past memory that haunts us. Some memories are good, some are bad and some are worst than ever. We saw the story of a person who has the memory of his mother trying to save him but he fails to really recognise it. He thinks it is a nightmare but when his adopted parents reveal the truth, he starts his search. Will he finds his parents? Or will he find out true meaning of living for people?

Plot : Bharat (Vijay Anthony) is a successful doctor in USA. He is haunted by nightmares of a person saving him from bull attack and snake bite. He keeps thinking about it all the time. His mother suddenly falls sick and his father reveals that he is adopted as he gets ready to donate an organ for her. After saving her, he decides to find out his biological parents. Who are they? How will he get to know about them? Why he did ended up adopted in USA? Watch the film, for answers

Performances : Vijay Anthony doesn’t really show any improvement in his acting skills from his previous movies. He tries different getups without showing any real difference between characters. It is like he decided to shave off for one character and grow beard for another. That is just changing looks but not acting at all.

Amrita Iyer is good in few scenes. Shilpa Manjunath is highly impressive in her story. Sunaina and Anjali don’t get good characters for their talent and skills. Nasser Kameela, Jayaprakash and Madhusudhan are good but they don’t have well written characters. Yogi Babu comedy is highly routine.

Technicalities : Richard’s Cinematography is definitely a plus point for the film. He tries his best to give best possible visuals in the budget he is provided. He does a good job but script lets him down.

Vijay Anthony’s music is highlight of this film. He did lift the emotions with his back ground score but that isn’t enough to fill up for lack of good scenes.

Lawrence’s editing is good enough, still the movie feels overlong. He tried hard to cover up for the problems in execution but he couldn’t really do any magic.

Kruthiga Udayanidhi wrote and directed the movie but she couldn’t really stitch the movie together. She had a good idea that would suit for a short film and not a feature film. She tries hard to make us connect with the story but that doesn’t really come off. She should have tried to establish a good enough emotional core that we can connect to but she ends up creating a movie that doesn’t serve any purpose.

Analysis : For many films, being different is an advantage. But for Vijay Anthony film, it needs to be completely different and good as well. In his penchant to do different movies, he is really not looking at making a good movie. He needs to re-think his strategy and doing these kind of films will only harm his career. This movie could have been a good fun film but without any emotional core, it ends up a lackluster film. On the whole, it is an attempt that lacks any depth.

Rating : 1.5/5

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