July 30th: Five films ready to take the plunge

The first film to take the plunge of being released in theatres, after the lockdown due to the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic was lifted, was Sai Dharam Tej’s Solo Brathuke So Better. The film performed well at the box office, raising the hopes of other filmmakers, of the release and good business of other films at the box office. Films performed exceptionally at the box office during the first half of 2021, with films like Krack, Uppena, Vakeel Saab, Jaathiratnalu, and other films turning out to be major successes.

While things seemed to be getting back to normal once again, the second wave of coronavirus resulted in the shutting down of theatres once again, during the third week of April, and they haven’t reopened yet, despite the Telangana and AP governments giving the permission to do so. After a lot of speculation and hesitation, the theatres in the Telugu states are going to reopen on July 30th, with five films being released on the day.

These films include Satya Dev’s Thimmarusu, Teja Sajja’s Ishq, Narasimha Puram, Trayam, and Parigettu Parigettu. All of these films are taking a massive plunge by opting to release in theatres, as no one knows how their results might turn out to be. Even if one film performs well, then there will be good hopes for other filmmakers. It is now to be seen how well things will turn out to be.

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