Horror films have always been safe bets at box office. They can be made on a lower budget and we tend to see good profits if they click. Can this Jessie fire up the box office as a horror movie?…

Plot:: An young girl Jessie (Ashima Narwal) is unable to cope with the illness of her younger sister, Amy (Sritha Chandana). As they both try to live in their mansion without any person’s help they experience supernatural forces and activities. How they will escape from the negative influences is the film plot!

Performances:: Ashima Narwal tried to sell the act of a person possessed and a person affected by it, without really giving her characters a clear cut differentiating qualities. Sritha Chandana as the sister possessed tried her best but she couldn’t match the expectations of the script anywhere.

Pavani Gangireddy as a stubborn ghost hunter couldn’t really deliver the goods. Also, her character is really written poorly. Kabir Duhan Singh and Atul Kulkarni are wasted in some inconsequential scenes while they could have carried the film really well. Archana Sastry is really wasted in few scenes.

Technicalities:: Sri Charan Pakala as a music composer tried to cover all the narrative holes and inconsistencies with loud music. Even sound engineers too seem to have thought loud effect means a good jump scare.

Gary Bh as an editor seems to have been as confused as the narrator and his style of cuts lacked proper flow too. His choice of shots are very inconsistent.

Aswani Kumar as the writer and director is highly amateurish and very clumsy in his approach. He might have had a mind numbing idea but presented it in such a way that we don’t connect with any character. Also, he made sure that already confusing plot turns even more sluggish with his uninspiring writing.

His directorial strength is nowhere seen and he seems to have been highly uninspired with the material. He just went through the motion. He failed in narrating his story convincingly.

Analysis:: With many gaping holes galloping the effect of the narrative, we can see the movie being a big misfire for all involved. The characters in the film don’t seem to have any idea what they are doing in this story and hence, even actors play them as confused and as caricaturish as they can. A highly forgettable attempt by the team.

Rating: 2/5