Jeevitha to take up Rajasekhar’s unfinished project

Rajasekhar got recovered from COVID a couple of months back and is now fully fit. He is currently playing the lead role in the untitled movie that is the remake of Malayalam blockbuster Joseph. This project is a thriller that deals with the criminal case a retired police officer faces after the murder of his wife.

Neelakantha is the initial director of this project and however, due to the creative differences, the director has walked out. As per the latest buzz around this project, Jeevitha is taking up the responsibilities. She will helm the project from here on.

Jeevitha has directed many super hits before. She has directed three films with Rajasekhar, Seshu, Evadaithe Nakenti, and Satyameva Jayathe. Joseph remake will be the fourth project. The shooting will start next month and an official confirmation will come very soon.

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