Janatha Garage

Story : Anand, a nature lover ends up going to Hyderabad from Mumbai on a cultural exchange. He meets the people of Janatha Garage and begins an association with them. Little does he know they are his very own family!

Analysis : Janatha Garage is a rare Telugu film that slowly concentrates on narrating the story and at no moment are we taken away from it. However, the film doesn’t have a new story to tell and it gets predictable at times and is also quite lengthy. NTR’s character as an environmental activist is refreshing. The film’s first half is the better part of the film with the second half suffering from a dragged narrative. DSP’s music is decent. The heroines are wasted.

Performances : NTR and Mohanlal are the backbone of the film and their presence is enough to elevate several moments. Samantha and Nithya are amazing but not much is extracted from them. The film’s ensemble cast is put to good use with every character having some meaningful contribution to the story.

Verdict : Janatha Garage maybe slow at times but it is worth a watch, especially if you are bored with the regular commercial films which rely on a formulaic story.

Rating : 2.5/5

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