Honour is the most important thing in your life. You can earn money but name and honour are earned by years of hard work and trust. If people loose that trust on you and start hating you, how will you survive that? Can you make amends to the malignation? What if someone you trust dearly betray you?

Plot : An anonymous killer hacks a popular news and announces a live murder on Television channel SS TV run by Shouri Prasad. Shouri let the murder telecast run even though it is unethical for the sake of TRPs. The killer with a mask hacks the channel through a popular judges house and kills him on Television live. Government appoints CBI on the case and officer J.B a twitter savvy takes over the scene. Looking at the swift and intelligent moves of the killer, names him Jaguar. SS Krishna (Nikhil Kumar) enters as a fresher to the famous Shanti Medical College and starts irritating the goody goody final year student topper and leader of the college, Aarya (Adarsh). He challenges him to stop him from loving his sister, Priya (Deepti). College Chairman(Aditya Menon) has a son Arun who misbehaves with girls and gropes them in the parking lots. Fearing his character will malign the Russian deal Chairman advises his son to stop his activities. When Priya is harrased in the same fashion Aarya demands for an apology from the management. When Encounter Shankar (Supreeth) warns Aarya to stop his aggression Jaguar kills him brutally live. Who is Jaguar? Why is he killing these officials? Is it Aarya? How will Krishna react and fit into all these incidents? Watch the movie on screen for answers!

Performances : HD Nikhil Kumar even though a very average looking youngster he has an attitude on screen. Decent dancer and has a lot of ease in fights. His dialogue delivery and expressions need to be worked on. As a first film hero, he shows all the possibilities to entertain audience especially Kannada audience with his energy and fighting skills. In a tailor made debut role highlighting on his strengths than weaknesses he proved that he can hold a shot. Further his prowess needs to be seen with different scripts and lesser budgets.

Deepti Priya gets a role that any heroine does and she tried to be there and say her dialogues. Adarsh after a long time got a positive and meaty role. But his limited emoting skills again harmed him. Jagapathi Babu as a CBI officer sleep walked through his role and Ramya Krishnan in few scenes made her presence felt.

Sampath and Aditya Menon were highly predictable in their usual bad guy roles. Brahmanandam did manage to evoke irritation than laughter with his scenes. The best part of the whole cast was Rao Ramesh as Ramachandrayya he once again proved his talent and especially in one scene with his kid, he managed to bring life to the character. He proved that he is not just a dialogue friendly actor but can emote subtle emotions too.

Technicalities : Cinematography by Manoj Pramahamsa was technically brilliant and he managed to shoot the scene dynamic and engaging. Music by Thaman is highly routine and forgettable. But he scores some browny points in Background score of the movie.

Editing by Ruben is crisp and he managed to keep the pace with the script demand. Neither he tried to over do any effect nor he undermined any emotion. Production values by Chennambika Films are praiseworthy.

Coming to the most important point, story by Vijayendra Prasad is very routine and screenplay by Mahadev too was highly predictable. May be for Kannada industry the story could be a bit new but 100s of Telugu films have come and gone with the same line and similar treatment.

Even few scenes appear to be directly lifted or ‘inspired’ from films like Kick, Oosaravelli and many more 90’s films of famous heroes. Now with such a routine screenplay and heavy production values you wish there is a justification for all the money spent on the project. Even Tamannah’s item number looked forced and highly unnecessary.

Scenes and sequences are designed in a manner to appeal hero’s family and supporters but the main ingredient in the entire hoax, a tight script was missing to hold all the proceedings in order. Director Mahadev made earlier Mithrudu with Balakrishna and that movie was just another film for the actor and this debut will also be the same for this young hero too.

Analysis : This movie is the best example of how you spend on a movie if you have money without worrying about the story and screenplay. Hire the best story writer in the country and handover it to a director who promises to understand the audience pulse with his experience in industry rather than talent. You have a movie ready that is highly half baked but well assembled enough to categorise it as a movie.

Lastly : Make sure you are a fan of DeveGowda and family to enjoy the movie in a theatre.

Rating : 2/5

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