iSmart Shankar

For reasons unknown, Ismart Shankar has been having a never before heard craze in recent times. The film has made its way to the screens and let’s read to see what the film boasts off.

Story: Ismart Shankar played by Ram is a local goon who kills a top politician. But he gets framed in a wrong way by the cops as a senior cop’s memory is shifted to him. Why is this done and what is the whole concept of memory transfer and how it affects Ismart Shankar is the whole film all about.

Performances: The film only clicks because of Ram and his never before seen avatar. Right from the first scene Ram is just a treat to watch on screen. A lovable hero like him has not come out in the recent times.

Nabha Natesh is full on glamorous mode and provides superb skin show which will be loved by mass audience. Nidhi Aggarwal is okay in her role. Satyadev is natural as the cop and so were all the other actors.


Nabha Natesh
Skin show

Minus Points

Routine story
Dull second half

Analysis: Puri Jagan was very hungry for a hit and he has showed all his hinder through the character of Ram. The manner in which he showed Ram is the highlight and works well for the film. Ram and his show makes the proceedings lively and when he is not there things get bogged down.

Puri has also cleverly added so many mass elements that will attract the audience. The film is filled with exposing, double meaning dialogues and candy stuff that masses will love it.

In one way Tollywood audience have seeing some candid content oriented cinema and was missing this masala stuff from a long time. Ismart Shankar is that one film which caters to those audience who love this crazy dance sing and fight routine.

Rating: 2.5/5

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