Is Vishwak Sen’s argument with the news anchor a prank?

As a part of his new film, Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam release on May 6th, young hero Vishwak Sen is seen promoting the film is an unique way. In the process, he created a prank setup on the busy Hyderabad road yesterday.

Regarding the same, he was called by a noted media channel and the anchor questioned him on the incident. In the heated argument between the anchor and Vishwak Sen, the anchor all of sudden shouted at Vishwak Sen and asked him to leave the studio. Being a aggressive natured guy, Vishwak Sen left the studio immediately by saying that he is least bothering about coming to the news studio.

While the news went viral all over, a few netizens are openly commenting that the incident between Vishwak Sen and the news anchor might also be a prank.

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