Is the same old formula a good idea for Mahesh

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s fans rejoiced greatly when the news of Mahesh and Trivikram collaborating for the third time together was announced. A lot of speculations are going on about the film’s title and its story. The strongest rumour surrounding the film’s title is that ‘Pardhu’ will be the title of the film. This created excitement among fans, as Pardhu is the name of Mahesh’s character in Athadu, which marked the first collaboration between Trivikram and Mahesh. While ‘Pardhu’ is rumoured to be the title of the film, several rumours about the story are doing the rounds.

Fans have been hoping that Trivikram would tap into vintage Mahesh Babu, one that every audience member absolutely loves. They thought that Trivikram and Mahesh would once again create magic as they did in Athadu and Khaleja. Both of these films are still very much beloved by fans and are cult classics. In recent times, neither Mahesh nor Trivikram have been able to match up to the magic of these films. As a result, fans and general audiences are eagerly hoping that Trivikram and Mahesh would bring back the magic.

However, if the current rumours are anything to go by, fans and audiences would likely be disappointed thoroughly. It is being said that the story of this film is also centred around a house, and while the film will also have action, a major part of it is suspected to be centred around a house and the people inside it. While Athadu too was centred around a house, it was nothing like what we have seen in recent times from Trivikram. If Trivikram ends up following the same old formula for Mahesh as well, it is highly likely that there will be severe backlash, which may result in less than optimal circumstances.

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