Is the pan-Indian curse going to affect Pushpa 2?

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa: The Rise, directed by Sukumar, was released in December last year and turned out to be a major pan-Indian hit, making Bunny a pan-Indian actor. As such, there are huge expectations on the second part of the film, Pushpa: The Rule.

Since the super success of Pushpa. there have been several reports about the status of its sequel, with frequent reports being that Sukumar is reworking the script to make sure that it appeals to the North Indian audience and that it is much higher in scale and scope. This has now gotten everyone worried as Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam is the best example of trying to change the script to appease the Hindi audience.

The Hindi version of Radhe Shyam was different than the South version, including the songs, which ended up making the film a huge disaster at the box office. It is now to be seen whether or not the reworking of Pushpa 2’s script will make it much better, or if it will sink the entire ship.

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