Is it time for Tollywood to wake up before it’s too late?

The trend of increasing ticket prices in Telangana, especially in Hyderabad, began after the Andhra Pradesh government’s decision to slash ticket prices for movies, by a great deal. While the move was understandable for big movies, and still is, this practice could be leading to a catastrophic end to the theatre-going culture in the city.

Until a few months ago, the Telugu states sold tickets at very nominal prices, which were always very affordable. However, from 2022, things have been taking a turn for the worse, with producers and distributors requesting the Telangana government for an increase in ticket prices for almost every movie released, which is resulting in the doom of many films.

The footfalls for films have also reduced at the theatres, with audiences not willing to pay a huge cost to watch a film. If the trend continues this way, then it would only be hardcore fans who would turn up to theatres to watch a film, with general audiences preferring to watch a film when it releases on OTT platforms, from the comfort of their homes.

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