Is it time for everyone to follow Ram and Boyapati?

The Telugu Film Industry is currently at a stage where budgets have been blown up, and actors’ remunerations have been blown up too. This has been showing a major impact on the audiences, as ticket prices have been hiked beyond measure, which is driving off audiences, reducing footfalls at theatres.

With advanced technologies and highly skilled talent working in the industry, there have been several questions regarding the necessity behind such huge budgets and the need for such huge remunerations to actors. At a time like this, it has now come to light that Ram Pothineni and director Boyapati Srinu have slashed their remunerations by a lot, keeping in mind the budget of their film.

The two are said to have decided to split the profits of the film, if it turns out to be a hit. Splitting profits has become common within the industry for quite some time now, and with Ram and Boyapati now following this technique, it perhaps is time for other actors and directors to follow a similar route. Doing this would not only let filmmakers opt for lesser ticket prices, but also would reduce the probability of an utter disaster, as audiences would go to the theatre to watch a film, irrespective of its talk, if the ticket prices are reasonable.

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