Is it time for actors to slash their remunerations?

Actors, whether big or small, always make sure to increase their remunerations if they are going through a successful streak. Irrespective of that, almost every actor is now trying to get a pan-Indian image, or at least get into the other South Indian markets through their films. While this can ensure a good market for actors, it also means a huge burden for producers.

All the producers from Tollywood are meeting today to discuss the very same thing, as pressure is mounting on them from everywhere. While actors are increasing their remunerations, daily wage workers have been protesting and carrying on strikes to increase their wages. Both wouldn’t be possible considering the rapid increase of prices of everything in recent times.

As a result, it is expected that the producers would be requesting actors to slash down their budgets. Considering the fact that bloated budgets are only resulting in films tanking at the box office or insufficient revenue, this would be a good move for everyone.

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