Is going big the major problem?

Tollywood was at its peak right before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, with almost every film that was being released turning out to be a huge hit. In fact, Tollywood saw good results even after the pandemic, with so many movies that were released in 2021 turning out to be good hits. However, the situation in 2022 has turned out to be a complete contrast.

There’s a lot of content being produced, but it seems as though hardly 1% of it is being appreciated by the audience. There were bad times and bad films in Tollywood in the past as well, but those situations never resulted in pausing film shootings and huge scale analysis by producers. It is being said that going big is being termed as the main reason for the current situation in Tollywood.

Almost every actor and producer wants to go big and make huge movies, but it seems as though no one is paying more attention to the core of what holds it all together, a comprehensive and entertaining plot. On the other hand, increasing ticket prices has turned out to be a huge bummer for producers, as audiences are currently not in the state of mind where they are willing to pay hefty prices to watch a movie where they can watch unlimited content for lesser prices, on OTT platforms. Perhaps it’s time that Tollywood producers realize that going big is not the key to success.

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