Is early OTT release really the major problem?

The producer’s guild has come to a collective decision to give an eight week theatrical window to all films released here on, meaning that no film can be released on any OTT platform prior to this window. This is almost making it sound like the real problem behind the poor performance of films at the box office is releasing films on OTT platforms.

It is to be noted that many films that bomb at the box office fare a lot better on OTT platforms, and early OTT platform releases have saved a lot of producers in recent times, from their financial woes. So, if anything, OTT releases are saviours in disguise for producers.

While an eight week window is not to be condemned, it is to be observed that audiences are ready to go to the theatres and watch films if the content is good, which has been proved very recently, with the success of Bimbisara, Karthikeya 2 and Sita Ramam. Hence, producers also have to make sure that they are coming up with good content as well, apart from allotting an eight week theatrical window.

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