Is Bigg Boss 4 heading in the wrong direction?

Bigg Boss Season starting episodes have not been liked by many. But slowly, the reality show has picked the pace. Though there are many unknown faces, audiences got attracted to the show with many interesting tasks and the contestants’ commitment to the show.

However, it looks like the reality show has lost all its steam. It is heading in the wrong direction, it seems. No contestant has been eliminated in the last week. Akhil, Ariana, Monal, Amma Rajasekhar, Mehaboob, and Lasya has been in the nominations. Though Noel has not been in the nominations he had to walk out of the house on health grounds.

Yesterday, Bigg Boss management has tried for some drama. They have saved Akhil, Lasya in the Saturday episode, and also Monal, and Ariana in the Sunday’s episode.

Between Amma Rajasekhar and Mehaboob, they asked the opinion of the contestants and as many voted for Mehaboob, he was saved and while Amma Rajasekhar is planning to step out he has been asked to stay.

However, this step is not received well by the audience as they voted for their favorite contestants.

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