Is Abhiram Daggubati doing fine?

Abhiram Daggubati has been in the news from several days for all the wrong reasons. His relationship with Sri Reddy got blown out of proportion by the actress, herself. She leveled allegations against his family and even told that he is a drug addict. Suresh Babu, father of Abhiram, asked the police to test his son and punish him, if he is found guilty. After the issue cooled down, the young scion of Daggubati family, decided to take up acting like his brother Rana Daggubati.

Now, when the entire family is happy that Rana got married to Miheeka Bajaj, Abhiram is found to be in the news due to an accident. He rammed his car into an opposite car during the early morning hours. There are no physical damages to either parties but cars have taken the brunt of the accident. Police are investigating who is at the fault and if any person is drunk. Abhiram is co-operating with their investigation. He survived the accident without any injuries.

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