What can you do for your family? To safeguard their future, can you steal? To secure a good position, can you die? We all think we can be so selfless that we can live and die for our family, no matter what. But when it comes to doing so, most of the times we depend on someone else to do what we can, for our family out of fear. Well, Indrasena proves that he can do anything for his family.

Plot : Indrasena (Vijay Anthony) and Rudrasena (Vijay Anthony) are twins. Their father (Nalini Kanth) is a reputed textile businessman. Indrasena watches his love of life, Elizabeth die in front of jis eyes and becomes an alcoholic. Even though women like him due to his good nature. Rudrasena works as a PT Teacher and he falls in love with Revathi ( Diana Champika) and the parents accept their union.

One day, Indrasena for his friend gives surety for a loan from a goon who is local municipal chairman Kotayya’s right hand man. This person disrupts their family life and Indrasena in a freak accident goes to jail. Rudrasena becomes a thug and the family ends up divided. What happened actually that forced both brothers to do what they did? What will happen next? How Indrasena ended up solving all the issues? Watch the movie on big screen.

Performances : Vijay Anthony as he confessed himself he did not really perform as per the expectations. He just stares and tries to show minute differences between two characters. That works for a period of time and his effort to show the difference in beard style and hair style, takes care for the rest of the film.

Nalini Kanth performs well in a good role written for him. Kaali Venkat too gives a good performance as protagonist’s friend. Diana Champika, Jewel Mary and Mahima look apt for the roles they have been chosen for. All other cast members deliver believable performances.

Technicalities : Vijay Anthony is the music composer of this film. He does a good job with apt BGM and also, gives good enough songs. He tries hard to elevate the scenes with his back ground score more than his performance and that is understandable.

As an editor, Vijay Anthony precisely understands how to keep the movie flow going according to the story. Even though it is a more hardcore family sentiment drama with heavy melodrama through out, he keeps the pace in the edit to make it bearable. He decides to go with more number of cuts than working on VFX to show the dual role.

Cinematographer Dillraj, tries to create a realistic and rustic look through out the film. He succeeds for most part of it but there are few inconsistencies here and there while he is shooting action sequences mainly. Other than some minor flaws in few scenes, his work is praise worthy.

Writer and director, G.Srinivasan used a theme that reminds us off 80’s movies like Magamaharaju, Maharaju and many more that talk about a protagonist who sacrifices anything and everything for his family and loved ones. The problem is that even though the setting is grounded and the realistic conversations are true to Tamil nativity, story moves a snail pace. Also, there is a lack of pep in the proceedings and everything looks extremely dull for a heavy melodrama. Even though it looks right for the characters he wrote, the end climax seems at bit more superficial than real.

Analysis : In a realistic world, everyone tries to put himself first and then will think about his family and others. It is a rare case scenario where a man puts his family before him. In trying to tell such a story, director tries to take a moody and rustic turn than a believable one. With heavy reliance on the fact that there are two people who look similar much better characterisations would have helped the movie to create some fun within the space it had. Rather both look extremely even though there are differences that only keen eyes can catch. Anyways, in a world where people are used to watching TV serials everyday, such over melodramatic movies with incoherent screenplay can end being a big bore and Indrasena is one.

Rating : 1.5/5

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