Indian Matchmaking Webseries Review

We have seen different kinds of web-series on various OTT platforms but we never saw a docudrama series before. These are like TV reality shows that show people in various relationships or in different situations. Indian Matchmaking is one series. This is about the Indian people living in US and their families pushing them to go for Indian traditional matchmaking opposed to American belief in two people finding love.


It is highly difficult to point out any plot in a reality show. Different people like Vyasar, Aparna, Jay, Pradhyuman, Nadia are asked by their families to meet in order to get to know well. Sima Taparia works as the matchmaker for them and her decisions and the young people’s discussions about marriage and matchmaking form the show.


The show follows the said youngsters and their conversations with each other very religiously. While it is a documentary, it seems to have a tilt towards Indian tradition and discussion about Indian tradition vs Western culture forms most part of the show. Why is Arranged Marriage better over love marriage? What should young people prefer? These are the discussion points in the show.

But the show tends to get repetitive with similar issues for different people. Still, it gives a worthwhile solution to few problems that love marriages are unable to address for sure. Unless you fall in love with the characters or real people, it is hard to sustain our interest in the show for long.

Smriti Mundhra captures the simple moments well but the editing could have been better, one feels. As a documentary, the show works to a point but then the drama doesn’t have enough charisma in it to keep us going from time to time. Still, the show has a charm of its own and that is due to the interesting interactions that keep us hooked for most part. It is watchable but not entirely enjoyable, if you are not sure about marriages and relationships. You can take it as a conversation starter but not the whole and sole end. But makers do hope to such status, one feels so while watching it. If reality shows are your thing, go for it.

Bottom line: Worth a Watch

Rating: 2.5/5