Indian Idol Telugu: Nithya Menen, Thaman fight on sets?

Most reality shows amp up the drama in them, to attract audiences with their misleading promos when the reality turns out to be very different. Recently, Indian Idol Telugu has been the most successful reality show in Telugu. The show, which is streaming on Aha, has Nitya Menon, Karthik and SS Thaman as its guests, and Indian Idol winner Srirama Chandra as the host.

In the latest promo, we can see that Thaman and Nitya had a major disagreement about the performance of a contestant, Maruthi, who sang Evandoi Nani Garu from MCA, along with Shravana Bhargavi. While the performance was loved by Nitya and Karthik, Thaman was visibly upset with it, following which Nitya and Thaman had a major disagreement.

Considering that Aha has never previously indulged in the kind of drama that others often indulge in, it is being said that the disagreement is only going to be limited to the promo and that the episode will be on a much lighter note. Only after the episode is out can anyone know what really happened.