Indian Films Produced by North American Indian Producers

We have many Indian Films coming out every year and some don’t get any recognition from audiences but have interesting backgrounds, filmmakers attached to them. Here are some Indian Films produced by North American Indian Producers.

  • 1947: Earth

1 1947 Earth Movie

This film is produced and directed by Deepa Mehta, who settled in Hollywood after completing her course in film education in North America. She produced and directed English films like Sam & Me, Martha, Ruth and Edie, Camilla before she made Fire, 1947: Earth. Aamir Khan acted in the movie and it became an official entry from India to Academy Awards.

Rahul Khanna, Nandita Das, Shabana Azmi were also part of the movie. The lesbian sex scene from the movie Fire, between Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi, became controversial at the time. Hence, Deepa Mehta steered clear of such scenes but the Hindu-Muslim angle in the story did lead to religious protests against the film. Movie is highly praised for the craftsmanship of Deepa Mehta and performances of the lead cast. AR Rahman scored music for the film.


  • Dollar Dreams

2 Dollar Dreams Movie

Dollar Dreams is the film written, directed and produced by Sekhar Kammula, when he was still working in US. Hence, we can put in this list. After this film, he came back to India to take up film making as his full-time job and made Anand. The rest of his story, is not important here.

Dollar Dreams won the director a National Award as a debut director and he made it in English and Telugu as a bilingual. Film shows the realistic side of the Indians dreaming to go and settle in USA. It also explores how several people are exploited by scammers as well.


  • Hyderabad Blues

3 Hyderabad Blues Movie

Another Telugu origin filmmaker, Nagesh Kukunoor, who studied filmmaking in America, decided to produce and direct the film, Hyderabad Blues to show his abilities. He even acted as the lead of the film. The film talks about culture clash and Indian Americans way of adjusting to new culture while their belief system belongs to Indian rootedness.

The film won several accolades like “Audience Award for Best Film” at Peachtree International Film Festival in Atlanta, USA. The movie was made with a budget of 17 lakhs and it was shot in Hyderabad. Nagesh Kukunoor casted his family members and friends in most of thr roles.

  • Fandry

4 Fandry Movie

Nagraj Manjule is a big name today in Marathi Cinema as he made several huge hits and his recent film, Sairat became a record breaking hit. His first film, Fandry was produced by North American Indian producers in association with Zee Entertainments. Movie was made on a budget of Rs. 1.5 crores and it collected close to Rs. 7 crores. The movie won several accolades too.


  • Miss Lovely

5 Miss Lovely Movie

Nawazuddin Siddique’s less known film, Miss Lovely won National Awards and the director, Ashim Ahluwalia was praised for his craftsmanship too. He found producers from North America to back his attempt at bringing C-grade, softcore porn Industry in Indian Cinema to light. The story of the film follows two brothers who are pioneers in making such films and one of them falls for a girl, who just wants to earn money and what happens next? Watch the movie.


  • Ankhon Dekhi

6 Ankhon Dekhi Movie

Ankhon Dekhi is a film by Rajat Kapoor starring Sanjay Mishra in the lead role. Movie is produced by Manish Mundra who is an NRI. The movie got positive thumbs up from most of the National Critics and it was believed to be the honest attempt from filmmakers that will win box office over too. But the film did not do such magic. It is a wonderful movie and you should catch it, if you’re are interested in realistic cinema.


  • Vennela

7 Vennela Movie

Telugu Filmmakers don’t find many foreign producers coming to produce a film as the tricks of the trade differ from the taste that they have acquired, over time. But we do have several people from USA producing films in India these days, thanks to Vennela. The movie cleared doubts of several US based producers to look at the Indian Film industry mainstream cinema and produce good content.

Deva Katta asked his friends to produce a film based on his script and with a less known cast, he delivered a romantic comedy that youth loved. “Vennela” Kishore got his name from this film.


  • C/O Kancherapalem

8 Care Of Kancharapalem Movie

C/O Kancherapalem is produced by Dr. Paruchuri Praveena, settled in USA. She even acted in the film, directed by Venkatesh Maha. The producer and director have become such a good combination that their next film, in association with Baahubali producers, Arka Media Works – Uma Maheahwara Ugra Roopasya, is coming out soon on OTT platforms and it is believed to be another good film from them.

C/O Kancherapalem is an unusual screenplay based narrative for Telugu Cinema and it has an intriguing take on the influence of religion on our society too.


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