In the Name of God Web-Series Review & Rating!

Exclusive Telugu content provider Aha’s original show, In the Name of God is out on the streaming platform today. Let’s see how this seven-episode series fares.

Story: Set in Rajahmundry backdrop, the series revolves around the story of a guy named Aadi( Priyadarshi), who falls for a young lady Meena( Nandini Rai), the wife of an adult movie maker Ayappa( Posani Krishna Murali). Meantime, one day, Ayappa gets killed and Aadi will be cornered in the murder case? Who kills Ayappa? Why is Aadi cornered in the murder? How a hawala gang and a money bag interlinked with the entire story? These aspects form the rest of the story.

Performances: Priyadarshi acted convincing in his given role as a highly ambitious guy. His performance throughout the series in various emotions is impressive and brings life to a few key scenes.

Actress Nandini Rai is glamorous and provides an eye candy treat for the viewers with her screen presence. Apart from the glamour side, the girl has got a scope to perform in the character which is filled with mischievous acts and criminal ideas.

Posani Krishna Murali is okay in his role which has limited scope to perform. Other artists like Mohammad Ali Baig, Vikas among others are decent in their roles.

Technicalities: The cinematography by Varun DK is superb and bring some positivity to the show. His lighting and frame setting impresses big-time.

Background score Deepak Alexander is decent and elevates a few tensed scenes nicely. The production design is good but it is not utilized in the right manner.

The editing work by Nikhil Sreekumar is dull as most of the scenes will be repeatedly displayed in the narration even though they are not needed. Production values for this limited budget show are decent.

Analysis: Looks like director Vidyasaagar Muthukumar has struggled a lot in the series making process as his story has no proper conflict point and the same is the case with the uneven screenplay.

Though a few scenes in the proceedings succeed to create an impact, the overall narrative of the series is very dull and filled with boring episodes. Most of the scenes in the series are just dragged to extend the show duration.

The makers promoted the show as a thriller but sadly the presentation is far from the reality. In one word, In the Name of God has a few engaging moments here and there but majorly falls flat with poor writing and drabness in the executed part.

Verdict: Boring thriller!!!

Rating: 1.5/5