Important decisions to be taken by producer’s guild today

The producers guild of Tollywood called for a halt of all movie shootings from the 1st of August so that they could discuss and figure out the current situation, where movies hadn’t been working well at the box office, and the audience seemed to be the least bit interested in going to movies. For the past few days, important discussions have been going on, and today, a decision regarding the OTT release cap and the VPF prices is expected to be taken.

Along with that, it is also being said that the possible date for all shootings to resume is also expected to be taken. The producers guild finally managed to make sure that every producer abided by the call and halted their movie shootings a few days ago. While the move was a particularly bold one for the producers to take, considering that crores of rupees are at stake, they chose to go ahead nevertheless.

Shootings are expected to be resumed sooner, rather than later, as there have been complaints from many directors and top-tier actors as well. Everyone is interested to see whether the current discussions could result in a decrease in paycheques for actors, as that’s been contributing the most to the budget of films these days.

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