Impactful Scenes

In this elaborated special study of Telugu Cinema, let’s talk about various movies that had scenes which had great impact on us. In a movie, it is common to have one or two scenes, where heroism elevates and also, the cause for the movie shines bright. Those scenes could be a plot twist or a plot point or even those that say a loud and clear message. Here we give you some of our collection from recent movies that we determined as impactful ones.

Kattappa announcing Shivudu as BaahubaliBaahubaliIn the first film of Baahubali series, there are three to four scenes that intrigued a viewer like the opening scene of baby being held up by Sivagami to protect him from death. And Shivudu lifting Siva’s shrine and also, him making the climb to the top of the water falls. But the most impactful scene remains to be Bhadra’s death in the hands of Shivudu and Kattappa who wants to kill him runs towards him leaving the armour behind and keeps his foot on his head, to reveal him as the true appointed ruler of the land, Mahendra Baahubali, son of Amarendra Baahubali.

Baahubali kills Chief of ArmyBaahubaliFrom Baahubali-2, the most impactful scene remains to be Baahubali being furious about Devasena, a pregnant lady and his wife being dragged into the court room for cutting the fingers of a molester. He, in front of everyone in the court kills the Army Chief, a close and loyal associate of Bhallaladeva. The scene triggers the story to move forward and also, created a bigger impact on audiences.

Baahubali coronation as Army ChiefBaahubali 2Even though Bhallaladeva becomes the King of the land, people cheer loud for Baahubali and indirectly say that they only wish Baahubali as their true leader triggering jealousy of Bhallaladeva to grow even furious for his younger brother. This scene has left a larger impact on audiences more than any other film.

Jr. NTR taking all the blameTemperFrom the movie, Temper, if we are left bamboozled then it is when Jr. NTR as Daya after toiling hard to prove the guilty, takes the entire blame on himself to not let the guilty run away. The scene and the performance stay with us even after the movie ends. In fact, more than the salute scene, this ultimate sacrifice establishes Daya even more as a character and a genuine hero.

When Pandu reveals his identityvPokiri has become a cult classic and the most impactful crime drama in Telugu Cinema. The movie became an Industry Hit and the major impact is created when Pandu is revealed as Krishna Manohar, an undercover cop. Still, the scene is remembered by many as best elevation for a hero.

Jai entry sceneJai lava KusaJai Lava Kusa proved to be a success among the Dussehra releases due to Jr. NTR stealing hearts as Jai. Even though he does give a convincing performance in Lava and Kusa characters, it is Jai who takes the cake and his entry scene is the key for such high impact.

Prakash Raj as a tortured muslimKhadgamMuslims in our country to get targetted for the terrorist activities and people try to pin every thing on them while all they do is to live like normal citizens. While there are few vested interests not everyone is a criminal and we cannot make them appear as one too. Prakash Raj as a tortured muslim in Khadgam raises the same question and pleads to understand their plight too.

Prakash Raj identifying Indra from ShankarIndraIn the movie, Indrasena Reddy many scenes left lot of impact but the first scene that changes the identity of a poor taxi Driver, Shankar Narayana to Indrasena Reddy, his real self is Prakash Raj as governor identifying him as a great mass leader. Well, that scene changes the story movement and we understand that Indra is a great character than what we have seen thus far in the movie.

Tagore’s speech in the courtTagoreChiranjeevi as Tagore left a great impact on audiences. Hence, the movie became a huge blockbuster. In the climax, when Tagore is asked to explain himself and his stance on corruption, he delivers a monologue which becomes a speech on the plight of common people due to corruption. It leaves an impact even when we see it today.

Legend’s entryLegendNandamuri Balakrishna does have a knack in producing impactful entry scenes and Interval bangs. After Narasimha Naidu, train scene if he has an equally impactful scene then that is Legend entry scene. The old Balakrishna’s entry to save his family and his younger brother defines his character with high impact.

Shiva Cycle chain sceneShivaIn the past 28 years, many would have forgotten the then ‘new’ and huge action scenes but none could create the same impact as the Cycle chain scene. The transformation of a silent student into an angry young man who becomes a rowdy to save himself and the city is triggered by this one scene. This scene left a great impact that people couldn’t resist themselves from identifying themselves as Shiva and hence, the movie is described in Telugu Cinema as a game changer and trend-setter.