Iddari Lokam Okate

Story: Mahi played by Raj Tharun is a photographer who meets his childhood crush Varsha after a long time. He falls instantly for her but gets scared to reveal it to her as he has a rare medical condition. He keeps this a secret and just when he is about to tell it out to her, his health worsens even more. The crux of the story is as to how Mahi finds his love at the end and what happens to Varsha.

Performances: Raj Tharun is shown sleepwalking in his role as he does not have much to do in the film. He is silent and becomes a spectator of Shalini’s glamor and performance. Speaking of the Arjun Reddy actress, she has done a superb job as Varsha. Not only she is beautiful but also emotes well in the film. Rohini was okay as an emotional mother. The rest of the cast was strictly okay.


Shalini Pandey


Slow Pace
Boring narration
Predictable storyline

Analysis: Directors these days are not at all trying new things when it comes to love stories. They are repeating the same old formulae time and again to make films and this film also falls in that genre. The director narrates the film at a snail’s pace and makes the film so boring for the audience.

Even at the age of 2020, there is no chemistry between the lead pair as the hero is suffering from a disease. The director does now make you laugh in fun or emotionally drain you with the pain the hero goes through. What you get to see is a slow and dull drama that never clicks one bit as well.

The saving grace is the climax which is good but is very familiar as well. If all of these are not enough, the ending is also tragic which will not be liked by the youth. This film is a letdown and Raj Tharun should think his strategies once again as films like these will never help him grow.

Rating: 2.5/5