Idam Jagath won’t offend anyone – Sumanth

Sumanth Yarlagadda is coming as a crime investigative news reporter with a twisted outlook and great love for money. The movie took almost one year to complete and get ready for release.

Sumanth talked to press and said, “This movie is not a satire on media or political institutions. It doesn’t endorse any ideology, any person or any institution. It is about a person who is pure evil and he happens to be a journalist.

We are not looking to offend anyone and this movie is a thriller. I enjoyed playing a slightly negative shaded character and would love to experiment more on these type of roles. You have to wait and see, if I will have a change of heart or not.

Director Anil Srikantam managed to impress me with first narration and I hope our film will also get good reception,” concluded the actor. Movie is releasing on 28th December.