Idam Jagath

Plot: A person, Nishith (Sumanth) who can sleep during day time and work at night find it hard to earn a job for his living. He turns into a crime reporter and grows money hungry. He tethers into dangerous waters of deep crime. Can he come out of it safe? Watch the movie to find out

Performances: Sumanth tried to come out of his comfort zone and try a completely different role. The movie did not give him enough footage to show off his talent or make it into a good character. The writing is so amateur that Sumanth even after putting his sincere efforts looks underwhelming.

Anju Kurien tried hard to fit into the character but she had nothing to do expect look good. Shafi, Satya had good characters but again writing for them is poor. Aditya Menon and Priyadarshini Ram with Sivaji Raja are underutilized.

Technicalities: SriCharan Pakala tried hard to give variant BGM to the proceedings but as he also was in love with his theme so much that he repeated it again and again.

Gary Bh couldn’t really cut the sequences in such order that we feel the edginess of the thriller that the director was going for.

Balreddy tried hard to give the movie a good tone that he couldn’t find a good exposure for his shots or couldn’t use right focus as well.

Anil Srikantam wrote and directed the movie. He decided to give a new twist to normal crime thriller with an unstable protagonist. He tried hard to take inspiration from different English and Korean films that we can see him recreating the same environment and similar kind of scenes in his film too.

Analysis: The movie tries hard to be a crime thriller and also a character study. But it fails to be any as it dilutes the effect that it wants to create as well. Movie should have been far better and a seasoned director could have played with it even better. Being an amateur director, he failed to sustain the momentum after a good start. Could have been a much better film than it turns out go be.

Rating: 1.5/5

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