I can’t thank Supriya enough : Sumanth

First of all, we wish you a Happy Rakshabandan. You might be reading this piece on anyday, but be sure that you wished your sisters everyday and be thankful for being siblings. As they say, siblings are the next important family members after parents, give them that respect too. On such lovely note, let’s know about Sumanth and Supriya’s relationship which is said to be a family goal for anyone who know them closely, in the Industry. Sumabth talked about Surpriya in an interview and shared, “Supriya is like my mother more than a sister.”

He continued, “I can’t thank her enough for being in my life as after our mother died, she became my mother. She is always a loving and caring person, who is happy to take any responsibility and I am slightly a nervous person, when it comes to talking to strangers or even opening up about myself in front of close family members. I need time but she is more friendly. She knows how to respect people and for me she is a blessing.

“She is a very close friend to me as she wants to know everything about me. She thinks about my well-being sometimes even seedlessly and with gifts I can’t measure that love she showers on me. She does periodically gift me and on Rakshabandan, we don’t miss out on meeting wherever we are,” said Sumanth.