Everyone love their parents! But is it possible to love your father more than anyone? If it is then how far can you go for him? What can you do to save his integrity?

Plot : Narayanamurthy (SathyaRaj) is a government employee working as City Development Officer. His son Suryanarayana (Ram Pothineni) loves him, adores him to a point that he can never see him in a sad mood not even in a dream. But Narayanamurthy is not pleased with him. He wants him concentrate on his life rather than loving him. Surya meets Bhanumathi (Raashi Khanna) and changes her traditional attire to modern. Narayanamurthy gets into trouble when a corrupt politician Rajappa (Rao Ramesh) demands him to sign for his illegal construction. Narayanamurthy refuses and this hurts the ego of the politician and soon to be minister. He employs Gaja (Murali Sharma) to do his work. Gaja unknowingly saves Narayanamurthy once. As a gratitude for his action Surya befriends him. Unknowingly he keeps giving suggestions to break his Dad’s integrity and honesty. Will Narayanamurthy crack to the pressure? Will Surya know the truth and if he how will he react? Will a honest person’s integrity be sold to a corrupt person’s pressure? Watch the film to know the answers!

Performances : Ram Pothineni proved himself to be a good actor with great potential but time and again he selects a script that is very weak and tries to be more commercial than being a good film! After Nenu Shailaja where he looked like he is mending ways with Hyper he lapsed right back into the pit he dug for himself with his earlier movies. He gave his best and tried to liven up the screen with his presence.

Rao Ramesh tried to be Ghayam Kota Srinivasa Rao by being funny and deadly at the same time. He pulled it off quite well but at times he got too predictably loud. His caliber is more than this character and hope directors can use him better with interesting characters. Sathya Raj can sleep walk in such a role where he can use his expression 1 expression 21 and he did not disappoint. Rashi Khanna improved a lot of ease in her body language and dialogue delivery. But her limited skills are quite evident. In songs and scenes she looked very beautiful.

Jayaprakash Reddy and Murali Sharma scored high in the roles given to them. But senior actors like Naresh, Hema, Tulasi, Posani Krishna murali were hyperly underutilised. Suman also was there in the movie. Shayaji Shinde was good in the part given to him.

Technicalities : Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is good but inconsistent with the back ground lighting. When it is too good in few scenes it is erratic in others. If it is intentional then it did not add any speciality to the already been there seen that feel.

Music by Ghibran is enjoyable at the theatre but nothing like his previous albums which did stay long with us. Gautham Raju showed his experience and prowess in editing the film without letting it lag at any point. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi and Santhosh Srinivas are highly routine and disappointing.

Writer – Director Santhosh Srinivas needs to look out of tried and tested formula. He keeps making movies that are highly unidimensional with a hero and villain being vocal about their aims and goals. It is good to have exposition where needed but it is not necessary that to spoon feed audience.

He lacks creativity in handling the age old formulaic situations that play out in the same way an audience member expect them to unfold. He was successfully able to mesmerize audience with comedy in Kandireega but he failed in Rabhasa and here too. He tried to give a message but with the situations and screenplay he diluted the impact. If write something expecting people to ponder over after leaving the theatre then the screenplay and characters should create an impact but here they seem to come from any Telugu Film you can remember.

Analysis : Screenplay follows a pattern and sequences are extremely predictable and yawn inducing. Haven’t we seen near hit and misses between the villain and the hero before? Haven’t we seen a villain exposition how powerful he is and what all he did to come to a stage? In reality a government official who is sincere might get transfered to a new department but in films the politicians start being highly egoistic and even though they are going to be next Home Minister they run around announcing their power! We have already seen heroes from Senior NTR to Junior NTR, Chiranjeevi to Allu Arjun, ANR to Nagarjuna fighting them even today! This time Ram Pothineni follows the same in Allu Arjun ‘s Race Gurram and Sarrainodu style!

Lastly : A Hyperactive remake of several Telugu movies.

Rating : 2.5/5

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