Hundreds of theatres shut down in AP and TS

The theatrical business in the Telugu states hasn’t been going really well for quite some time now, with no film, other than big films, having a good box office run. Audiences have gotten used to consuming content from the comfort of their homes, so much so that they are only considering going to the cinema if a movie warrants a cinematic experience.

Even then, with the insanely increased ticket prices, audiences are thinking twice about going to the theatres, even for big films. With the last few weeks being less than an average affair for theatre owners, it is said that nearly 500 to 800 theatres have shut down in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana put together. Given that there’s no impressive footfalls in theatres these days, the owners of these theatres are said to have been of the opinion to at least save their other bills.

For the next few months, there’s no big film lined up either, and hence, it is unlikely that there would be any good run at the box office. Even those few films that are lined up to release, do not have a good buzz surrounding them.

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