Huge bettings being made on MAA elections!

It is a highly unusual thing for MAA elections to become the talk of the town, but that’s what’s happening this year, with the MAA elections being discussed as much as general elections, due to the huge campaigning of both Prakash Raj and Vishnu Manchu, and the several comments that each has made against the other.

While Prakash Raj has the backing of the Mega family, Vishnu is managing to get support from several senior members of Tollywood, most of whom have even taken an indirect dig at Prakash Raj, as the actor is a non-local person. The elections are all set to take place tomorrow, on October 10th, and while it was expected that Prakash Raj would easily win, in the beginning, the situation changed very quickly, with Vishnu turning out to be highly competent.

It is now being said that huge bets are being made on the MAA elections, with huge amounts being better against the winning or losing of a particular candidate. The MAA elections this year have indeed become the most political affair for the association so far.

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