How well will re-releases fare for Tollywood?

Nothing can top the first release of the film, and the euphoria that prevails in the theatres at that time. It’s been quite some time since audiences have been able to feel this kind of euphoria at theatres, without any nagging feeling haunting them. Re-releases often range anywhere in between pointless and absent.

Tollywood has never been the kind of film industry that was overtly fond of re-releasing its films, as films always keep pouring in, and there’s very little scope for re-releasing a film. Moreover, general audiences usually do not prefer watching a re-released film and would go with new releases any day, except when it comes to visually stunning films which give the maximum effect when watched on the big screen. Re-releases are only usually for hardcore fans of the actors in the film.

It is now being said that producer Dil Raju is planning to re-release Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab in theatres, once the theatres are opened in July. This is expected to take place in mid-July, by when no new film would be ready for release. It is expected that new films would start releasing in theatres from August. Vakeel Saab was performing well at the box office when it was released in April, but the collections and the theatrical run of the film got affected due to the second wave of coronavirus. Given that the film is streaming on Amazon Prime, it is now to be seen is the film will fare well in theatres again.

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