How is Koratala’s impact going to affect Acharya?

Director Koratala Siva has a unique mark in filmmaking, with all of his films catering to the commercial and general audiences alike, as they have the right amount of everything a film has to offer. Every film that Koratala directed so far, has carried a very good buzz ahead of its release, until now.

Acharya, which is all set to be released on April 29th, featuring Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan in the lead roles, doesn’t have the same kind of hype every other Koratala film usually does. The reason for this is that the trailer for Acharya and every other snippet released from the film didn’t consist of Koratala’s unique mark. Acharya has been looking very different from Koratala’s usual style from the very beginning.

With even the censor board clarifying that Acharya would cater more to Chiru’s style, everyone has begun to worry about how the lack of Koratala’s impact is going to affect Acharya.

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