Hopes up, as SR Kalyanamandapam draws crowds

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has been an unforeseen one, and a more devastating one when compared to the first wave of the pandemic. The theatre business, which was getting back to some semblance of normalcy until then, was once again affected severely due to the second wave. Now, even after the lockdown has been lifted, and films are ready for release, filmmakers are apprehensive of releasing their films in theatres, unsure of the audience reaction.

Last week, Tollywood got back to theatrical releases once again, with the release of Satya Dev’s Thimmarusu and Teja Sajja’s Ishq, among other films. However, the response to these films releasing in theatres has not been as welcoming as one would hope, with audiences not turning up in a good amount, at the theatres. As a result, filmmakers have gotten further apprehensive about releasing their films in theatres.

Now, SR Kalyanamandapam, which got a theatrical release today, has gotten the hopes up for filmmakers, by attracting a good number of audiences to the theatres. The response is hopefully good, proving to everyone that the audiences are ready and willing to go to theatres if there’s a good buzz around a film. SR Kalyanamandapam had a good buzz surrounding it due to its songs, trailer and other looks. Thanks to that buzz, the audiences have now turned out, raising the hopes for other filmmakers, whose films have been put on hold for quite some time now.

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